1. Nature, contents, condition and value of the Consignments are unknown to Great India Roadways., (hereinafter called the Company). The company carries the goods in as it is condition packed by consignor and entirely at the owner’s risk, On said to contain basis as declared by the consignor at the time of booking.
  2. The Company shall not be liable for any loss or damage due to Natural calamity pilferage, theft, weather conditions, strikes, riots, disturbances, fire, explosions, accidents and due to the circumstances beyond its control.
  3. The Consignor/Consignee shall be responsible for any delay, detention, loss or forfeiture of goods by Government authorities:- i) If he makes a wrong declaration about the contents or ii) If transport of such goods by road is prohibited or such goods are not accompanied by invoice, permits or other proper documents and are detained by any statutory authorities. iii) Expenses incurred if any, by the company in this connection shall be reimbursed by the consignor/consignee only
  4. The Consignor will have to deal directly with all taxes and any other statutory authorities for wrong declaration etc.
  5. Fresh fruits, furniture, crockery, glassware and other such delicate goods are booked at the absolute risk of the consignor and the company shall not be responsible for any damage etc. during transit.
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